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Unveil the secrets of your destiny with Shirromanii, where ancient wisdom and divine insights converge. Meet our esteemed expert, Praggati A Verma, your guide to the celestial realms of Tarot Card Reading and Numerology in India.

About Shirromanii

Praggati A Verma- Numerologist| tarot card reader| life coach

Shirromanii by Praggati A Verma, is situated at Sector-57, Gurugram, famous for giving guided and accurate predictions and provides the best Tarot Card Reading, Numerology & Vaastu Consultancy that work like wonders which brings miracle twist in your life.

Praggati A Verma having experience of more than 10 years in her spiritual journey and is in possession of vast knowledge in cosmic science. She is blessed with high intuition that resulted to give more accurate predictions and provide relevant remedies that are practical and easy to do Shirromanii by Praggati A Verma is helping people in finding simple solution to one’s problems, unfolding the hidden path towards enlightenment and advising them on every aspect of life for a long time. Our motive is to provide you right guidance in your career, relationship, study, marriage, health, business with scientific remedies that attracts success with ease.

Praggati A Verma Tarot Card Reading Expert

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A numerology expert deeply engrossed in calculations.


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Tarot Card Reading

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She is one of the best Tarot Card Reader , her remedies are 100% result oriented. I personally recommend her to everyone. She is very helpful and friendly.

trivedi rushi

Fantastic experiance 'after talking her we feel posetive ...and remedies are also not expencive and its work slightly ...i am waiting for more change

Anita Sinha

Praggati is a numerologist whose consultancy gives you a positive attitude toward dealing your problems. She is having expertise in multiple areas

Deepika Wadhwa

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Highly intutive and right
Prediction with easy remedies

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Our motive is not only do the readings, It’s provide’s you the highest and the best guidance resulted in life transformation in all areas of life


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